Ark Crystal

Align yourself by coming into Supreme Resonance with the Field. If you’ve dived into the world of Nassim Haramein and the work of the Resonance Foundation, then you know all about the Ark Crystal. To find out more and get your special offer on the Ark Crystal, click on the banner below.

Fluoride Free Water.

★5-STAGE TRIPLE CAPACITY FILTERS: Each premium quality filter produces 150 gallons of fresh, contaminant-free drinking water (lasting 4 times longer than any Brita, Pur, or ZeroWater filtration pitcher). Remove 99.99% of all tap water contaminants. Replaceable filters are 100% BPA-free, 100% FDA-approved food grade materials, 100% recyclable, 100% vegan.

  • ★ RIGOROUS TESTING: Filters tested extensively in USA including Florida and New Jersey, as well as heavily contaminated homes in Flint, Michigan. Independent lab results show our filters to have removed lead, copper, and many other metals and toxins to undetectable levels in Flint. (Now that's Epic). Testing also conducted by independent labs in China and Japan. Filters are tested to and exceed EPA/ANSI Standards 42 & 53 for contaminant reduction.

  • ★ THE FACTS: Our patented filter media remove 2000% more contaminants than Brita (yes, two-thousand percent) including Lead, Chromium 6, Fluoride, Chloramines, Mercury and much more. Five-stage filter (2 micron pores) including lead and fluoride filters, protect you and your family from contaminants that other filters miss. Smart filter media keeps healthy trace minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water, which ZeroWater, Kinetic Water and reverse osmosis systems strip out.

  • ★ OUR COMMITMENT TO WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee / Friendly 24-7 Phone & Email Support / No-Hassle Returns / Expedited Order Delivery / Promotional Discount Codes / Online Water Contaminant Resource Center

  • ★ FRESH NEW ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Secure lid | Flexible pour spout | Digital reminder | Same great filter | Want this same technology in a bottle or under your sink? Search Amazon for B0163C79KC for our award winning water bottle or B076S1W5QY for our triple certified under the sink Epic Smart Shield water filter.

Glass water bottles.

No plastic. None. Wherever you can cut it out, do so — six days of intentional water structuring.

Jade Yoga Mat

Nothing will compare after you use a jade.

The Yoga Swing

As you may remember, I had one of these hanging in my living room. The most amazing inversion tool and it's so fun. Great core workout and the overall joy of being in a swing is deeply satisfying.

Copper Meditation Pyramid

I have one, and I use it every day that I'm in New York. The healing effects are almost too wild. Thinking I should try wearing the Ark Crystal next time.

Aloe Vera Tooth Gel

I stopped using Fluoride based toothpaste a decade ago. Through all the brands I've tried, this is the only one that works very well. This tooth gel also contains propolis. Extra win.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

This paper is sublime. It's antibacterial. Trust me — a life changer.

Fresh Royal Jelly

Do you know what makes a queen bee a queen? Is she born that way? Nope. Arbitrarily, a bee is chosen and fed a substance produced by the bees, not quite honey but something more. This substance, royal jelly, transforms the bee into 400 times her size and turns her into a baby-making machine.

What does that mean for humans? It's a superfood, full of trace minerals and amino acids that aren't readily bioavailable in our daily food intake. It also makes your skin glow.

Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

A much-discussed book on our podcast Revolution Ramblings. An essential guide to understanding neuroplasticity. The classic which created an entire genre (self-help) remains as relevant and helpful now as it ever was. The audiobook version is my preferred method to absorb this information and an easy way to refresh my memory.