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Check out your sun, moon, and rising signs for each month and see what cards make it on to the table. We have a lot of fun! My method of reading is based on Jungian Archetypes, Astrological Events, and a connection with your collective vibe.

When watching to plan your month, look to your rising sign as it is how you will show up in the world. If you’re wondering about your emotional life, your love life, your connections with each other, look to your moon sign reading. If your pursuit is centered largely on understanding yourself and gaining a greater symbolic knowledge of your motivations… why it is that you do what you do… check out your sun sign!

Don’t know your moon and rising? You’ll need a birth time and place for that, when you have those two bits on info, click here.

extended monthly readings

Monthly Readings find deeper clarification and greater attention to detail in the Extended Readings. A concept created in 2016 by Amber Khan and now used widely across the Youtube Astrology Universe. Various payment and accessibility options are available for easy click through and instant delivery of your chosen reading.

If you prefer a more streamlined video experience with the option to download the reading as a file, a monthly Vimeo page is available here.

If quick checkout and an easy video link is more your speed, click here.


guided meditations

Welcome to our wonderful world of astral travel, seasonal journeys, eight gates techniques and psychocybernetic understanding. Sound confusing?

Check out the Revolution Ramblings Podcast for more context.

Once you’re ready click on through to a world accessed by falling behind the beating heart and into the singularity… the ground of all being and creation.

From Ancestral Healing to Anxiety Reduction, you’ll find it all here in an easily accessible format. Both Audio and Video options are available for your convenience.

See you later at The Best Restaurant in the Universe… we’ve got a #RevFam table in the back.


This merch line has emerged organically out of the Revolution Ramblings podcast. Water Crystal Structuring, Intentional Living, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, Guided Meditation references, sign gangs… and… socks!!

Rep the Revolution… get aligned… look fly…


soundcloud playlist

If you hang with me in the IG Livestreams, totally get my podcast references to different music, especially Dancehall and Afrobeats… then you already know all about this playlist!

We have a great time over here! From Indian Native New Yorkers like Heems cutting it up with Riz Ahmed to Maleek Berry and Bollywood Caribbean Remixes… we get lit.

Utilized in our 30 Day Challenges that usually include 30 mins of dance.
In the upcoming months, more playlists will appear in this space. Meditation Music, Spoken Word Pieces, Podcast Episodes and even interviews with some pretty dope people.

Stay tuned, fam…

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